IP Connectivity & VPN

IP Connectivity & VPN services

IMSolutions Connectivity Solutions are the ideal solutions for businesses looking for permanent, high-speed Internet access. It’s the conventional solution for permanent “always-on” (and symmetrical) access to the Internet.

IMSolutions provides diversified portfolio of IP Connectivity such as:

  • Wireless Internet Service
  • Satellite Internet Access within Egypt
  • Wimax Internet Technology within Egypt
  • Leased Lines Dedicated Internet Connectivity Services
  • Microwave Internet Connectivity & Communication Service

Why IP Connectivity & VPN services?

  • SLA
  • Best Prices in the Market
  • Attractive Bundled Web Services
  • UTM service provisioning & Support
  • Competitive Hosting Services & Prices
  • Network Problems Trouble Shooting and Support
  • Premium Support with Escalation up to CEO level
  • Direct Connection to Multiple International Gateways
  • Dedicated Account Manager for Customer Leased Line