How digital marketing future will look like in 2020?

How digital marketing future will look like in 2020?

15th November 2016
8th May 2017
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How digital marketing future will look like in 2020?

You all are aware of today’s “digital world“, where we see technology moving on to further new levels with time. In four more years it will be 2020, the beginning of a new decade and new technologies will be introduced. What we need to understand is that along with technology, the consumer behavior also changes. Every field of technology will be more efficient, productive and consumer friendly. You will get to see changes in the ever growing field of digital marketing also. By 2020 digital marketing will have a different face. Following are a few changes that would determine the future of digital marketing:

The most quick shift will be from desktop to mobile phones. This will also lead to a higher level of personalization. Even now you must have observed how mobile is gradually replacing desktop. It is successful in creating more personal interaction between the brand and the consumer. Smartphones and mobile devices will lead to the shift of content to small screen. As a result, social media platforms’ usage will increase. This further makes it easy to understand and track the consumer’s behavior. Therefore, it will prove to be really helpful in marketing campaigns.

Another important evolution will be in journey mapping. It will surely prove as an integral part in enriching consumer experience and communication with the audience. The data acquired using technologies and the opinions by the customers will help in understanding the consumer’s needs. Future will see brands creating strategies to build brand loyal business. It will cater to the needs of customers and will make better connections. There will be websites particularly designed for you. This is going to be a huge trend in future. The brand will serve what interests you, so that you spend your time and money on them.

Next development will be the predictions on the basis of data. It will be interesting to see how data will provide the ability to know the outcome of marketing campaigns. By 2020, digital marketing will have predictive analytics ability. There will be an inclination towards business value or ROI (return on investment). Data and strategy will be the main components in knowing the brand’s ROI gathered from digital campaigns. There will be certain monitoring factors like cookies, pages visited and time spent. These will provide relevant information.

Transparency is one more facet of digital marketing that you will get to see as consumers. As customers, you expect more information to be provided to you regarding the quality of the product. To meet such expectations of the customers, it is important for the brands to have transparency and authenticity They should aim for the heart and mind of the customers to engage with them as this will strengthen the brand’s reputation. The customer will not engage with a brand which does not provide adequate information or satisfactory services. It is indeed very important for any business to put the customers as the priority.

The most popular trend by then will be rise in videos and video sharing. This will be further elevated by rise in mobile use. There is going to be increase in the demand for videos. Customers nowadays are quite fond of story telling . It is a successful example of fusion of creativity and technology along with simultaneous execution. Videos are quick and effective way of presenting the content to the audience. Not only this, but the content is going to be more user generated and not brand generated. Consumer’s experience and feedback are going to provide the content for digital marketing.

These key points must have provided you with a fair idea of the future of digital marketing by 2020.


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