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E-mail Marketing & SMS

E-mail Marketing & SMS

A mail shot is a traditional form of direct advertising in the shape of a coupon, letter, flyer, or magazine, sent to a person’s home, with the expectation of gaining more business for the sending company. The main goal of a mail shot is for marketing or promotional messages to be directed toward people who are most likely going to use the business, although many still refer to it as junk mail.

The digital world has breathed new life to traditional mailshots, making them into digital or electronic form in the shape of SMS, email messages, and similar types of promotional marketing materials. Direct advertising methods like these offer excellent chances of success, especially when targeted at consumers who are likely to buy into the offer.

Generally, when a mail shot offers some kind of promotion or discount, it has a greater chance of attracting a sale. This is why the most commonly distributed forms of mail shot marketing are coupons and discount offers. Just like in traditional direct marketing, companies may choose to distribute their mail shots on their own or work with a professional distributor who can maximize their exposure. Distributors have a wider access to consumers and your potential market, although this may mean a more generic approach to your marketing scheme. However, there are many ways by which you can make marketing more targeted and personalized, among which is using opt-in options so that you are only targeting consumers who are more likely to buy into your business.

If your SMS marketing messages frequently end up in the junk pile, something’s amiss with your mail shot strategy. This is where professional online marketing firms come in handy. IMeSolutions can provide you with the best marketing strategies that can help you reach your consumer’s inboxes more efficiently, without ending up in their spam or junk folders. We understand that marketing is so much more than aggressive sales and promotional marketing and we work hard to help establish good rapport and continuing relationships between consumers and businesses, helping you maximize your business’ potential for profit and success.