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Hosting Support

Hosting Support

IMSolutions provides a 24/7 multi-tier hosting support service, where our skilled admins take care of:

Periodic Updates, where our admins apply periodic updates to servers’ operating systems and all installed software, including control panels to ensure up to date updates.

Security, using the antivirus which received the product of the year, which is the highest award for the best performance in all tests conducted by AV-Comparatives. Our admins are so keen to send alerts to customers whenever their websites or accounts are infected or sending spam emails.

Hosting Support Service Firewall Protection, which ensures that suspected hackers’ networks are periodically blocked and secures all connections from and to our servers.

Network and Servers’ Monitoring, which allows our admins to take necessary actions in time.

Database Maintenance and Optimization, where our admins keep monitoring all customers’ databases to maintain and optimize them. We also provide our customers with recommendations, in case their databases ‘performances are below normal.

Instant Support, where we provide an instant multi-tier support to all websites and emails hosting problems. This includes supporting network, FTP, emails, web site settings’ changes, DNS, scripts installations, backups and restores. We provide email and phone support around the clock.

Escalation, where we provide our customers

with escalation procedures to ensure

we offer the appropriate quality of service in a timely manner.