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Our Online Services

E-Marketing Strategy

Plan for the long-term and discover the best online marketing strategies to use for your business with

the help of our expert consultants and strategic web developers.

  Web Design & Development

Your web properties may well be the most important marketing assets you have in today’s increasingly digital marketplace.

IMeSolutions specialises in a long list of web design and development services, designed to achieve

the unique online marketing goals of your business.

  Custom Website

Extend brand identity through your business website and break free from the limits of template solutions

with our custom website design and development packages.

  E-Commerce Website

Choose from the most comprehensive ecommerce website packages and solutions

to help you reach out to the largest target market in the world—web users.

  WordPress Websites

We provide businesses with a complete ready-made responsive solutions with a comprehensive toolkits

that will help maximise your business’ online presence and profitability.

  Search Engine Optimization “SEO”

Stay on top of search engine results pages with our tried and tested SEO solutions,

tailored to meet your online goals.

  Social Media Management / Marketing “SMM”

Every business requires a strong web presence. Managing reputation online is a matter of proper integration of all your social networking activities and marketing programs, from web optimization to search engine marketing, and all other social aspects of your online business.

  Pay-Per-Click Marketing “PPC”

Take advantage of our highly profitable PPC programs that ensure qualified leads and targeted traffic to your website. Increase engagement and expand your reach to consumers that are most likely to convert.

  E-mail Marketing & SMS

We offer the best mail shot and SMS marketing strategies that go straight to your consumer’s inboxes and avoid junk folders. We help you reach out to consumers and establish strong,

profitable client and business relationships that last.

  IP Connectivity & VPN services

IP Connectivity & VPN Services is the ideal solution for businesses looking for permanent, high-speed Internet access.

It’s the conventional solution for permanent “always-on” (and symmetrical) access to the Internet.


Cyberoam “UTM” Unified Threat Management hardware appliances offer comprehensive security to organizations,

ranging from large enterprises to small and branch offices.

  Shared Hosting

Enjoy economical hosting solutions with our shared hosting services, designed for website owners

with limited server requirements and small hosting budgets.

  Dedicated Hosting

Choose between managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting services, designed to support Linux and Windows based websites.

  Virtual Private Servers “VPS”

Get the best of both worlds with our VPS hosting services, specifically built for speed, reliability, flexibility, and scalability,

ideal for website owners in need of dedicated hosting abilities within a shared hosting environment.

  Cloud Hosting

IMeSolutions offers affordable cloud hosting solutions that guarantee high availability, stability, maximised uptime, scalability, and security.