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Satellite Internet Egypt

Satellite Internet Egypt

Internet access is among the essential needs of every home and business in Egypt. It’s what keeps us connected to the rest of the world. Broadband internet may be popular, but you may also want to consider Satellite internet in Egypt for more exclusivity, especially if you are running your own business. IMSolutions will help you find the best VSAT or satellite internet Egypt has to offer to make sure that you have a reliable connection for your organization.

Dial-up internet has always been the cheapest option for internet access in Egypt, especially when you have no access to high-speed fiber and digital subscriber line connections. However, you now have the option to go for satellite internet, a wireless connection that relies on three satellite dishes encompassing one from your ISP, one on your property, and the other in outer space. Satellite internet Egypt comes with cables and a modem. The cables will run to and from the satellite dish to the modem.

IMSolutions can get you started with reliable satellite internet access in Egypt. Our mission is to empower businesses and people with turnkey and scalable solutions, such as VSAT, which is one of the optimal options for satellite internet Egypt. Very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is a satellite communications system for residential and business use in Egypt.

Satellite Internet EgyptHow VSAT works

Our team will provide the box to VSAT end-users in Egypt to interface the antenna outside and the user’s computer with a transceiver, which then sends or receives signals to the satellite transponder in the skies. This way, the satellite receives or sends signals from the earth station computer acting as the system’s hub.

End-users of VSAT in Egypt are interconnected with a hub station through the satellite. To allow communication with each other, the transmission must go through the hub, which transmits it to the satellite and to the VSAT of the customer. VSAT handles video, voice, and data signals.

Purposes of VSAT

Both business owners and home users can use VSAT especially if they are signed with a bigger satellite internet service in Egypt. Some private companies even use VSAT or lease their satellite internet systems.

IMSolutions understands the benefits of VSAT over terrestrial options for internet access in Egypt. In private settings, VSAT provides owners more control of their communication systems without depending on other companies for satellite internet Egypt. Home and business users can enjoy more speed reception with VSAT, too, unlike when they rely on ISDN or conventional telephone services.

Why satellite internet in Egypt?

Satellite internet or VSAT makes sense to users who may not have access to other options for internet access in Egypt, such as DSL, cable, or fiber. If you want a more reliable connection than dial-up, then you may want to upgrade to satellite internet. That way, you can enjoy considerably faster internet access in Egypt.

You can expect your internet access speed in Egypt to be 10 to 35 times faster than dial-up with satellite or VSAT. Satellite internet Egypt supports high bandwidth usage, too, so you don’t have to worry about peak use times or having too many users connected at the same time. Moreover, you do not have to install additional phone lines to get started, making satellite internet and VSAT more cost-effective.

IMSolutions has extensive experience in enabling satellite internet or VSAT services to an array of industries, including businesses and government agencies. We can be your partner in ensuring private and secure operations in Egypt and you can rely on us to support you when you need help in managing or troubleshooting your VSAT or satellite connection.

We will work with you to determine your requirements in VSAT and internet solutions and make sure that you have access to the many flexible satellites available to Egypt on Ka-Band, C-Band, and Ku-Band frequencies. Contact us to get started.