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  Leased Line In Egypt

  –  Leased Lines Dedicated Internet Connectivity Services:

Leased Lines Dedicated Internet Connectivity Services The most commonly known internet connection is consumer broadband which is mostly used in our homes, and small offices. But for large companies with a need of a stable connection this type of connection wouldn’t help. That’s when leased lines are required.

Advantages of leased line in Egypt

  • Faster Speed – compared to consumer broadband, Fibre Leased Line the range of speeds provided are higher and maintained for peak performance.
  •  Higher Reliability – unlike regular telephone lines, leased line in Egypt uses fiber cables guaranteeing a connection not affected by electrical interference, or damage, reducing connection errors.
  •  Enhanced Security – data transmitted over the network is not public or as hacking / leak prone compared to consumer broadband connection.
  • Remote Access – leased line connection in Egypt allows employees to access the company network from any location outside the office increasing flexible working environment.

IP Connectivity & VPN in Egypt

IMSolutions Connectivity Solutions are the ideal solutions for businesses looking for permanent, high-speed Internet access. It’s the conventional solution for permanent “always-on” (and symmetrical) access to the Internet.

IMSolutions provides diversified portfolio of IP Connectivity in Egypt such as:

  • Leased Lines Dedicated Internet Connectivity Services.
  • Virtual Private Network Services in Egypt “VPN”.
  • Wimax Internet Technology within Egypt.

Let know more about these services to choose which suitable for your business

VPN Services in Egypt     –  VPN Service In Egypt:

A VPN is a private network routed through the Internet from the business’s private network to the remote site or employee. You can get the best VPN service in Egypt and you’ll have a tool that helps protect your business online.

By VPN In Egypt You can keep the sensitive data from the various types and ways of attacking.

IMSolutions provide for enterprises which have branches or offices a lot of benefits by VPN in Egypt:

  • VPN Services help to increase secure of your data.
  • Reducing networking and resources costs.
  • By VPN in Egypt allow you remote access to employees away from the office.
  • Share data for an extensive period.
  • VPN solutions in Egypt gives better performance by increase Bandwidth and capacity of the network.

    –  WiMAX Internet Technology:

WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a long range wireless connection established between the business location and the network provider’s PoP (Point-of-Presence) with a line of sight required between both points. WiMAX internet network provides a range of high speed data and voice transmission as well as a full spectrum of network security, multi functioning to allow various communication mediums for locations away from urban life in Egypt.

Advantages of Wimax Internet Technology within Egypt:

  • Wimax systems are rapidly deployed.
  • Wimax is a cheaper alternative to broadband wired connections.
  • Standardized equipment allows the system to re-run fast and easy.
  • Do not be influenced by natural buildings between central transmitters and receivers.
  • Wimax supports high speed for voice and data connection over long range distances at speeds up to 280 Mbps.