Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

There are countless web hosting solutions on offer around the web. One of the most common types of hosting solutions you will likely come across when searching for budget friendly options is shared hosting. Being the least expensive paid hosting option available, shared hosting is often the go-to hosting solution for many small business owners. However, you should remember that shared hosting is not for everyone as you may need larger resources to be able to serve your consumers well through your website.

Shared hosting simply means sharing server resources with other clients. This gives you complete access to an account and a fixed amount of resources and features that you can use to facilitate web marketing. For a website to appear on the web, your software applications, files, and pages need a server to call home. This server connects to the web and enables access to your site.

In a shared hosting environment, you have access to all the allowed server resources, but the host or provider is responsible for all maintenance that their physical resources require. This includes general maintenance and upgrades to server hardware and software, such as replacing drivers or upgrading the operating system.

You, on the other hand, are responsible for the upkeep of your own site. You will be give access to a control panel, which will give you complete access and control to your site. This also allows you to monitor your traffic, set up email, upload files, and install applications. Whether or not the web host will help maintain the site depends on your agreement and the contents of the hosting package. Shared hosting requires you to share the server with several other web clients, each of which is allotted a certain amount of disc space, bandwidth, and features, which can all be controlled through the control panel.

An economic solution for website owners with low budgets, shared hosting is an ideal choice for small businesses with limited server requirements. Here at IMeSolutions, we offer quality managed shared hosting services that cover Windows and Linux based websites. Our servers also offer support for SQL and MySQL server databases and we provide periodic updates and high quality firewall protection, among other security measures.

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