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How VPN Works?

A VPN works by routing the internet connection of your user through the private server of your chosen VPN rather than your internet service provider (ISP), so that it comes from the VPN connection rather than your computer when your data is transmitted to the internet.

 Why VPN connection is important for your business?

VPN Features from VPN Providers

Nord VPN Providers: There are various options for unblocking VoIP and chat apps via a wide network of high-speed servers running in 60 countries. Privacy and confidentiality are a paramount. It provides a money-back guarantee for 30 days.

Surf Shark: It is budget friendly. It has a server network extension, perfect for streaming, and a lot of security and privacy features.

Express VPN Providers: No problems unblocking most services for chat and VOIP. When it comes to streaming and uploading, a wide network of servers would be perfect.

IP Vanish providers: Fast and stable servers that have no problems getting around geographical constraints. It is particularly good at unblocking chat apps and VOIP services.

Why choose IM Solutions?

IM Solutions helps individuals and organizations by putting flexible online business development strategies with a qualified technical consultant with a deep understanding of our customer’s needs.

Secure VPN Access for Remote Workers

VPN helps you create a safe virtual tunnel through the public network, such as the internet, to your office network. It preserves the confidentiality (data remains secret via encapsulation) and privacy of data as it passes across the public internet (data remains unaltered via encryption). Using an armored transport van along public highways, you can equate VPN tunneling to the method of transferring physical cash from one place to another. In this case, the cash is your data, the non-secure public network is the public highway, and the VPN tunnel is the armored van.

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