Brand Identity

A brand is nothing but an introduction to your customers of who you are, what you offer, what products or services you offer, and the offers you provide.

All of this is a brand identity, and it increases your customer’s confidence in the event that you follow through on your promises at every stage.

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Brand Identity

Powerful Brand Identity

Brand identity is necessary to think strongly about the interface and the form in which it appears to your customer and adds value to your services or products.

We at IM Solutions always strive to think with you, analyze your project from all angles, present the advantages and disadvantages, try to exploit the advantages and turn the flaws into opportunities, until we finally reach a strong and distinctive identity for your brand, helping you to earn your customer’s trust.

The basic elements of the brand


Design a creative & attractive logo

Design a logo that reflects what you offer with colors and a distinctive idea.


Create & build a clear vision

Create a distinctive formulation of the company’s vision and objectives in addition to its practical mission.


Segment define the segment related to business

Describe the target segment of customers and what solutions your business will provide to them.


Build brand attributes suitable for your business needs

Attributes create brand attributes to express his personality. For example, is he modern or classic?

The Benefits of Brand Identity for Your Business

  • Brand identity has many important benefits that it can achieve for your project or company, including:
  • It makes the marketing process easier and spreads faster.
  • It helps you define your target audience.
  • It helps you to provide your product in the midst of the intense competition you are witnessing.
  • It defines the demographics of your competitors and your audience.
  • It helps you gain a large market share.
  • Increase your audience’s confidence.