Leased Line

What’s Leased line connection?

Leased line connection Is a dedicated communication channel that easily interconnects two or more sites refers to the leased line.

It is simply a service contract between a provider and a client, For a fixed monthly rate, this dedicated line ensures constant data flow from one point to another.

In data, web, and telephone services, leased lines use is common. In order to provide high-quality bandwidth and speed, leased lines connections depend on fiber optic cable.

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Benefits Of Leased Line Connection

Dedicated internet connection

The main advantage of a leased line Internet in Egypt is a Internet Dedicated Link.

Your leased online internet access is not shared by other local companies and people, Unlike broadband or fiber, that is.

As a result, the company has set bandwidth for leased cables, Fibre leased lines cables connects your office and branches to your internet service provider’s, which does not fluctuate at peak times.

In other words, at the busiest hours of the day, the internet won’t slow down.

Agreements at the service stage

Service level agreements are another major benefit of internet leased line in Egypt (SLAs).

The minimum quality of service you can demand from your provider is determined by these leased lines in Egypt, In the case of a fault, they also outline the degree of reimbursement on offer.

Higher speeds for uploads

Seldom consider upload rates when organizations consider an internet service.

Compared with upload rates, domestic internet providers have much higher download speeds and rely on internet access.

Importance of Leased Line Provider For
Your Business

The Leased Lines Company provides the consumer with a secure, high-quality fixed bandwidth service that provides a digital communication system that goes beyond a typical broadband business bundle.

Due to the increased efficiency of the fixed bandwidth, the symmetrical design guarantees parity in upload and download speeds, allowing the internet service to operate smoothly and experience less glitches.

  • Your company is the only client who has the right to use the line, which improves protection when sensitive data is exchanged or confidential phone calls are kept.

  • In addition, the internet leased line in Egypt connection enables more individuals to operate remotely, e.g. from another office, center, at home or away from base during a business trip.

  • The service itself will also be more reliable, should anything go wrong, with consistent upload and download rates, fully open bandwidth and dedicated maintenance support and advice.

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