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Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server

Virtual private servers, as the name implies, are visualized server or hosting environments that mimics a dedicated server, except that they are operated within a shared hosting environment.

A virtual private server, therefore, is a hybrid between a shared and dedicated server, thus giving users the best of both hosting worlds.

Setting up and managing your own in-house server can be extremely difficult and costly.

This is why it is often more practical to purchase web hosting services, which allow you to rent space on a server so you can have a website up and running without the hassles and the additional costs of installing and maintaining a physical server.

All types of hosting accounts (shared, dedicated, and VPS) give you the ability to run a website on your own, although they vary in the type of set-up they employ, the kinds of features they offer, and the kind of customization you can have with each.

VPS hosting offers the best of both dedicated and shared hosting environments.

VPS server hostingInstead of renting an entire server, such as in dedicated hosting, you only rent space within a shared server set-up, but get the same customisation capabilities as a dedicated account.

This is very ideal for website owners that need to have their server set-up in a very specific manner, but don’t require a great amount of server resource to perform its web activities.

IMSolutions offers managed VPS hosting services that are built for speed, reliability, and scalability. Our VPS accounts provide businesses, web developers, and designers with the kind of speed, stability, and power that they need to run their websites and host their applications successfully

Whether you are expecting high traffic to your website or wish to run complex programs and applications with the added benefit of scalability, VPS hosting might just be what you need to provide your clients the best experiences. We provide you with the most well designed and highly

scalable Linux VPS packages that allow you to start

with small configurations and purchase upgrades in the future and on an as needed basis.