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    For a business connectivity is vital. It’s the medium of operations through the entire business for communication between customers, employees to deliver your service and maximize productivity.

    With the global changes going to cloud based technology, this drives businesses to switch to upgrade their IT Infrastructure. Email contract and fixed-line telephone are no longer the base a business can function on, now you need a leased line, routers, wireless network switches and sometime even servers and a data center depending on the size of the business.

    Yet, the growth of mobile technology is taking all these infrastructure equipment to web based applications and cloud computing sustains connectivity as a requirement rather than a luxury. Having a reliable and efficient connectivity builds on your performance to escalated growth.

    Also, it enables flexible access to mobile employees through remote network access, and agility in task management leading to a successful organization.

    IM Solutions offers network & connectivity solutions which are tailored to the needs & budget related with enterprises and help building an infrastructure for high performance, scalability, reliability, and security demands proven products from an industry leader in network solutions. By solutions offered from JUNIPER network, RIVERBED, ARUBA and RUCKUS you can select the devices that are suitable to your business’s success.

    For enterprises and institutions that are thinking how to obtain backup and archiving software solutions to keep on their data center security
    IM Solutions provide all the solutions related with converged network infrastructure and High-End storage solutions by HITACHI, COMMVAULT, NUTANIX.

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