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  Dedicated Hosting

If you are looking for a more exclusive hosting configuration that allows you greater control over server resources, dedicated hosting offers the perfect solution for your organization. This form of hosting is the direct opposite of shared hosting, in which one server acts host to multiple websites or clients. In dedicated hosting, you get a dedicated server, which can either be set up in-house or at an external location, accessed as a service from a data center.

Dedicated hosting has plenty of advantages over shared hosting, especially when it comes to more demanding businesses. One of the main advantages of dedicated web hosting is customisation. While shared hosting services provide you with a certain level of control and freedom over the use of the allowable resources, dedicated hosting offers the level of control other hosting options are unable to provide. The simple fact that you have no cohabitants in the server means that the overall hosting solution can be tailored specifically to your needs, which ultimately means you can select and purchase features that you require with utmost freedom.

Dedicated Server HostingDedicated hosting provides you with the highest level of uptime, which is critical, especially in a world where consumers are all for convenience and are often unwilling to wait to get what they want and need. It is absolutely vital that your web resources are functional at all times because a few seconds of downtime could lead to lost customers, as they move on to your competitors who can satisfy their needs at the moment.

With our dedicated servers, you never have to worry about congestion. Shared hosting solutions are more suited for small scale websites that don’t require large amounts of bandwidth and server resources. However, if you are a medium to large enterprise in need of dedicated resources to waste away on your space, email, usage, and traffic requirements, dedicated hosting is the more practical way to go.

IMSolutions offers managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting services suitable for Windows

and Linux based websites, written via PHP, CGI, PERL,

JSP, Croon, Python, Croon, ASP, ASP.NET, etc.