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Cloud Hosting

Divide and conquer—this is the main concept behind cloud hosting. Compared to other web hosting configurations, cloud hosting reduces the risk of downtime due to server malfunction by a great factor. This is because resources needed to maintain a website are spread across multiple servers instead of just one. Services, therefore, can be rendered through an as per need basis, allowing users to manage peak loads much more easily and without the usual bandwidth issues, as additional resources can be sourced from another server.

With cloud hosting, your website doesn’t have to rely on a single server and rather, acquire needed resources from a cluster of servers, working together as a “cloud.” Each server in the cloud works to carry out specific sets of tasks and can easily bear the weight of another, in case of failure, in that other servers can temporarily kick in to serve as back-up to render required resources. The same thing is true in case of overload conditions.

Cloud hosting is relatively new, but it has come a long way as many large enterprises have been implementing it for years. However, pricing will have to be pulled down further for small business owners to be able to have a taste of what cloud hosting is like. Thankfully, newer technologies are becoming available to make this more possible. In fact, more and more organisations and businesses are being compelled to make the shift to the clouds.

Cloud Hosting Services IMSolutions introduces more affordable cloud hosting solutions to the market. We offer highly reliable cloud hosting solutions that provide high availability, maximised uptime, scalability, stability, flexibility, and security, perfect for small to large scale companies and organisations.

With our cloud servers, you don’t have to put your faith on a single server, but instead rely on a cluster of servers, supporting each other. We offer managed and unmanaged cloud hosting solutions for Windows and Linux based websites and our cloud servers all have MySQL and SQL server database support.

If you want reliability, physical security, flexibility, scalability, responsive load balancing and utility style costing in a hosting service, then cloud hosting is the best route to take.