Wireless Solutions

Wireless communications services have become essential for businesses these days because:

  • Wifi communications solutions are increase employee productivity.

  • Wifi communications solutions are attracting new clients.

  • It creates a memorable customer experience.

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IM Solutions provides a various types of wireless network solutions for business & organizations such

  • Broadband Wireless, Access Solutions (pre-WiMAX, Wi-Fi and Microwave Technology)

  • Fiber Intrusion Detection Systems (FIDS)

  • Intelligent IP Surveillance, Physical security and access control Solutions

  • Fiber To The Home Solutions & Ethernet Switching

  • Structure cabling and data center preparation

pre-WiMAX Solutions

WiMAX would work like WiFi however at higher velocities, over more noteworthy distances and for a more prominent number of clients.
IM Solutions provides PTP, PTMP and CCTV infrastructure surveillance solutions

Wifi Solutions

We offer Outdoor & Indoor Wi-Fi services for cover enormous spaces with high limit and solid network.

  • Wi-Fi solutions for ports

  • Wi-Fi solutions for Enterprises

  • Wi-Fi solutions for retail and shopping sectors

Microwave Solutions

We offer up to 1 Gigabit connectivity with greatest information and security of communication using Microwave technology.

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We believe in customer co-creation of value,
we believe in technology as an accelerator of the momentum and
we believe that it is all about you, our clients.

Importance Using WIFI Communications for Your Business

  • WiFi communications is cost-effective

  • Work at top profitability with WiFi communication

  • Increment security over your inner organization

  • Scale effectively as your business develops

  • Influence educated choices to oversee WiFi framework redesigns

Your new WiFi framework will likewise should be routinely maintenance as new updates that expansion the security for your organization

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