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How can I secure my connection?

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Protect Your Router The key hub for your home's internet connectivity is your router. This deals with who can and can't use your connection, making it a key target for hackers. As such, to avoid any headaches in the future, it's worth securing your router. Check for flaws in the firewall A firewall is the

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Top 5 firewall devices 2020

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Bitdefender Box 2 The Bitdefender Box 2 is designed to provide a convenient way to secure computers from your home network and the Internet of Things (IoT). The computer immediately starts tracking and tuning your network for the optimal security after connecting to the router. Benefit: BitDefender is a very efficient source of Antivirus and

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Esest VS Kaspersky

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ESET and Kaspersky are common anti-virus brands and both service millions of customers worldwide. Innovative antivirus software that protects you from cyber-attacks and provides the protection you need when surfing online is offered by both providers. In addition to the scanner itself, the additional features the antivirus programs provide are critical when selecting the

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